151 Bus Route Information

The following information was sent to the Parish Council, by a village resident who is  in touch with the local bus company, Nu Venture. (Existing Timetable)

We are seeking opinions on this matter, as we would like to gauge how residents feel about the implications.

Responses can be sent via: cuxtonparish@btconnect.com


“Bus 151 operates a one-way circular (anti-clockwise) route from James Rd via Charles Drive back to Bush Road. This serves the many residents of the hilly part of N/W Cuxton. Buses have to be larger single-decks because of the numbers travelling – using small buses would be a cop-out as this would leave passengers behind!

However, despite the best efforts of the local member, the Parish Council and Medway officers, we continue to find the route very difficult to operate due to car parking, and are fast reaching the point where we will have to abandon operation.

The particular issues concerning us currently are –

BUSH ROAD WESTBOUND west of May Street – unrestricted car parking in the vicinity of number 47/49 makes it very difficult for drivers to align buses to make the right turn into James Road. DOUBLE-YELLOW LINES REQUIRED WEST OF MAY RD on south side of Bush Rd

JAMES ROAD NORTHBOUND north of Bush Rd – unrestricted car parking on the east side of James Rd in the vicinity of numbers 2 to 8 makes it very difficult for drivers to align buses having made the right turn into James Road, especially if there is ‘downhill’ traffic on James Rd which is already on the wrong side of the road and has no place of refuge when a bus has turned into James Rd. DOUBLE-YELLOW LINE CORNER PROTECTION REQUIRED TO BE EXTENDED ON THE EAST SIDE OF JAMES ROAD FOR APPX 40 METRES.

CHARLES DRIVE FROM NINE ACRES ROAD TO BUSH ROAD – unrestricted parking, often comprising goods vehicles, takes place on both sides of Charles Drive from Nine Acres Road to Bush Road, including on corner and especially at the sharp bend close to number 140/142. Buses are regularly stuck here because gaps left are too narrow and there have also been a number of collisions with parked vehicles which have not left enough room for passing buses. Despite Medway’s efforts about five years ago, the volume of roadside parking has now increased very substantially and we now need DOUBLE-YELLOW LINES ON BOTH SIDES OF THE WESTERN SECTION OF CHARLES DRIVE FROM NINE ACRES ROAD TO BUSH ROAD.

Kind regards

Norman Kemp
Director and Company Secretary
Nu-Venture Coaches Ltd”